Barcode Generator ASP.NET is part of barcode geneator controls for .net development environment. It is designed for ASP.NET website projects, including ASP.NET class, ASP.NET Web service, ASP.NET web forms.
barcode generator component is a barcode controller (dll control) which generates barcode images in pages, server side, web service.
Your html, aspx pages can embed bar code image url (links to your barcode generation aspx url) in an html img tag without any .net, c#, server side coding.
ASP.NET Barcode for C#, VB.NET can draw barcode directly to .net image object, and paint to GIF, BMP, JPEG, and png image files.
ASP.NET Barcode generates 40+ 1d and 2d barcode standards, including codabar, code 11, code 25, interleaved 25, code 39, code 93, code 128, ean 128, aztec, data matrix, pdf 417, qr code.
ASP.NET Barcode generators allows c# developers to customize barcode freely. It supports barcode rotating, image margins, image paddings, barcode text font, color, size setting, barcode text position.
ASP.NET barcode generator supports for multiple output formats: Bitmap images (such as BMP, GIF, PNG or JPEG) SVG, EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), PDF, TIFF, .NET Image object, Text (for testing and debugging only), aspx pages with support for SVG, EPS and bitmap output
ASP.NET Barcode library provides design time controller, so developers can drag and drop the barcode component on aspx design page, and set barcode settings through .net component properties windows.